When I first heard about a Toy that could bring nearly all women who tried it to have an orgasm in under 60 seconds, I new I had to spoil my wife with one.  Now don’t get me wrong, she has regular orgasms but I like to try new things all the time and this sounded like an experience I didn’t want her to miss out on.

Like most of the new bedroom toys we buy, my wife let me have the first go with it on her.  Yes a brave woman!  And I wasn’t about to miss out on helping her orgasm in under 60 Seconds. (This is from zero foreplay to orgasm).

Let me tell you that my wife orgasms with this toy in under 30 seconds each time it has been used. That is the fastest time she has ever orgasmed with the aid of toys.  From my view, it is the type of orgasm, where her legs curl up and her body convulses while she has wave after wave of pleasure releasing from her body.  If I was to guess, it was multiple orgasms one after the other after the other and you get the picture. However she says it doesn’t feel like a normal orgasm as she is missing the internal feelings, she likes the feeling of having something inside her to grip on too. Yes she came but it wasn’t what she expected or really wanted.  In fact she felt like she needed another with out the toy.  Lucky I was ready to help her with this.

As a man, I feel like we got the short end of the stick when comparing orgasms. I watch in amazement when she has these long orgasms that seem to  travel throughout the entire body and yes, I am so jealous.

We have tried to use this together in different sexual positions, but it is hard to hold it inplace with all the motion. She has orgasmed with me inside her while using this toy, but still way to quick for us to enjoy it.

I consider it is best used for solo play as it is too hard to use during couple sex.  This toy draws the blood into the clitoris and is held just gently over the clitoris.  If pushed to hard onto her it feels like it will suck her skin off. Since I can’t tell if I am holding it to tight on to her, it is pointless for me to hold it.

If my wife didn’t orgasm during our intimacy, I know this toy would certainly give her an orgasm, if she felt she missed out and needed one.  Also it might be best used with an insertable toy so the feeling of gripping onto something when she orgasms is satisfying.  This toy may not suit my wife, but it may suit other women.

This bedroom toy has been used just 6 times by us in 18 months. It is not a favourite toy for my wife. We would not replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


This Toy uses suction instead of Vibration and is used on/over the Clitoris. It is rechargeable using a usb port, which is my favourite type.

There are 5 speed settings for continuous suction, My wife has tried all the speed settings and likes the 3rd suction level.

It is slightly audible from the moment it is turned on and gets less audible when placed over the clitoris. Not loud enough to put her off an orgasm.

This high quality bedroom toy is made with a silicon tip and comes in a great storage case with a spare silicon tip.

Score out of 10 = 6.50

Recommendation: Expensive bedroom toy, Seriously think about how much you will use it before spending your money.

SUCTION: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 6 = It is audible when in use

COMFORT: 7 = holding it on the skin can get painful with the suction

QUALITY: 10 = Silicon tip, Phthalate free

HER ORGASM: 6 = Yes she comes but it doesn’t feel like a normal orgasm

MY ORGASM: 0 = I miss out each time

LUBE: Only use water base!

VALUE: We paid $179 AUD = Expensive

(we bought this from an online shop using a large discount voucher).


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this review.


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