Doc Johnson C-Ring

WonderLand White Wabbit C-Ring


We have owned and used a lot of vibrating penis rings over the years.  One thing we have noticed is that not all do the job right.  We have come across some where the vibrations are too weak to even know if it is on or they just don’t reach the clitoris.  We started off with lifestyles disposable vibrating rings that would last 20mins.  They are cheap and did the job well.  Small in size, but touched her clitoris just nicely. Needless to say we went through a lot of these.

I then decided to go all out and buy rechargeable vibrating rings to save money with not having to replace them.  The first one I bought was the Lux LX4.  Not a cheap purchase and we only used it once. The problem my wife had was it never touched her clitoris.  So for her it defeated the idea of wearing something that vibrated if she couldn’t also enjoy it.  This doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, but for my wife’s hidden little bud, it just missed touching it.

Not wanting to be put off from that, I went on and decided to buy the Mio by Je Joue, slightly cheaper than the Lux.  This one certainly touched her clitoris, however, every time our bodies would be rubbing against it, we would hear a large rumbling sound.  Atleast we gave this one a few sessions before my wife told me that the noise is so off putting that she will never be able to concentrate to orgasm if we keep using it.  Don’t get me wrong it is a Top Quality ring but not right for us.  I have read other reviews where this isn’t an issue, so maybe we were just unlucky with the one we bought.

We have since tried several other rings, one I liked a lot is the Tracey Cox Supersex USB Vibrating Love Ring.  It kept me very firm and I liked that my balls were kept in place by it.  However the vibrating part wasn’t right for my wife.  It was only just reaching her and not pressing hard against her clitoris which is what she likes.


Now this one, the WonderLand White Wabbit, ticks all the boxes for us.  My wife picked this one up from our local adult shop.  This is my wife’s favourite ring for me to wear. She likes to be on top and gets the wabbit ears just in the right place on her clitoris. In this position she says she can feel the vibrations deep within coming from my shaft and directly on her clitoris.  With just some small amounts of movement she has a very strong orgasm in no time at all.

It is a bit loose if worm just over the penis (approx. 38mm inside diameter), so I like to wear it behind my balls. This also makes me harder and feel slightly longer than normal than with no ring on. It is a little difficult to put it on behind the balls. The ring is easily stretched, but my balls tend to push inside me, making it a bit more of a challenge. I find it helps to be erect before putting it on.

In my wife’s favourite position when using this bedroom toy, (her on top grinding away on my full length) I don’t always orgasm with her as I sometimes need slightly more movement. It just means on these occasions she gets the chance of coming twice as we move to a different position for me.

We have worn it in doggy position, where I have spun the wabbit ears to behind my balls. This stops the wabbit ears from poking into her other hole and gives me a great feeling with the vibrations on my balls.

This bedroom toy is used atleast monthly by us and is certainly a favourite to us. We would replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


The Vibrator takes 3 small cell batteries (LR44), not my favourite type of battery to use. I prefer rechargeable toys.

There are 3 speed settings for continuous vibration and a range of 7 patterns of different vibrations, however my wife likes it on high speed and no pattern.

It is not a loud busy sound from the vibrator, which is great. Nothing worse than a loud annoying sound putting you of the motion.

This high quality bedroom toy is made of silicon and is fairly flexible.

Score out of 10 = 9.00

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet

COMFORT: 7 = Firm fit

QUALITY: 10 = Silicon, Phthalate free

HER ORGASM: 10 = Best she has.

MY ORGASM: 7 = Enjoyable

LUBE: Only use water base!

VALUE: We paid $59 AUD = Resonable

(we bought this from our local Adult shop.  Helping support local businesses).

This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.

You can buy yours from here:


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