Tracey Cox Bullet


Supersex Bullet Vibe


We have owned heaps of bullet vibes, they just don’t seem to last long.  Another thing about them is not all bullet vibes have a high speed setting or they have too many options to use.

The bullet is for my wife and she knows what her clitoris likes.  When she finds one she enjoys, then that’s what I replace it with when it breaks down.

We started off with a Rocks-off Ro-80mm bullet. It did the job well but the only complaint was turning it on or off.  When your fingers are all sticky and slimy from lube, the only way to hold it to turn it on/off is to put the pointy end into your hand and push the button on the other end.  The issue here is the pointy end digs into your hand.  After a few purchases of these I decided to try other brands.

BMS Factory power bullets were also good, but we tend to replace them quicker than the Ro-80mm.  The fifty shades of grey We Aim to Please bullet was nice but stopped working after 4 uses.


The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is our most used bedroom toy.  I feel everyone should have one of these.  It is rare that it isn’t used in a session, even if we are using other toys.  When we go away on weekends this little toy always comes with us.

Most of the time my wife uses this on her clitoris in most of our positions.  Sometimes I use it on my wife during foreplay when I am teasing her.

As mentioned earlier, we have tried several different company’s bullets and believe this one has lasted the longest, has strong vibrations for a one speed bullet and is easy to hold and use.  I plan to buy the usb rechargeable version of this soon as I hate buying batteries.

We will definitely replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


The Vibrator takes 1 AAA battery, I prefer rechargeable toys, but keep a supply of these in my toy drawer.

There’s 1 speed setting for continuous vibration and it is strong in vibration.  This is the type of power my wife likes on high speed and no pattern.

It is not a loud busy sound from the vibrator, which is great. Nothing worse than a loud annoying sound putting you of the motion.

This bedroom toy is made of plastic and is not flexible.

Score out of 10 = 8.85

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet

COMFORT: 10 = Easy to hold

QUALITY: 7 = Plastic

HER ORGASM: 8 = Enjoyable

MY ORGASM: 8 = Enjoyable

LUBE: We prefer to use water base

VALUE: We paid $22.95 AUD = Great value

(we bought this from an online Adult shop).

This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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