Lelo – Not our favourite toys




The first Lelo toy I bought for my wife was Alia. It is a fairly bulky looking toy and feels like it is a quality toy which is used on the clitoris.

The first time we used it together, my wife complained that the vibrations were not strong enough, so I turned it up to full power. Still not enough for her, the vibrations felt muffled, however on this setting it also made it harder for her to hold as it was making my wife’s fingers sore from the vibrations.

My wife described this toy as “obviously designed by a man believing he knows what a woman wants, but he is so wrong.”

I tried to tell her that this is from a company selling high end toys, and she asked “what sex the founder is?” Male, end of discussion.

We no longer use the Alia, as this was the only time we used it.

Not wanting to give up on this brand, I later bought a Lelo Lyla. Sense motion just came out and I thought WOW, gotta have one of these. A remote egg toy which vibrates by the motion of my hand.

It’s okay but the controller is large and not discrete, so it’s not a toy you could sneak out and use In a restaurant, which is what I wanted to do. Also the controller vibrates so you know what your partner is feeling from the egg. But these vibrations are slightly audible. Now you can turn the vibrations off for the controller but you will no longer know what she is feeling.

My wife doesn’t mind the egg but for the money, there are better ones out on the market with better controllers.

We later won a Lyla 2 in a competition. Not much better or different from the first.

We no longer use the first Lyla.
We tend to use the Lyla 2, once a year at the most, usually if I am teasing my wife in a marathon session by not letting her have me until I have given her a few orgasms with the use of most of the bedroom toys we have.

I also bought my wife a large Lelo Wand, believing we needed a wand in our toy drawer. Maybe we do, but this one stopped that from happening.

The vibrations are weak, not pinpoint and basically my wife could not feel them. I tried it on my penis and balls and would have to agree on this. She then decided after this that all wands must be the same. So wands at this stage will not make it in to my toy drawer for a long time.

This experience with Lelo led my wife to decide we will never buy from this company again. She still feels they are missing the mark as it is designed by a man without a vagina. So he will never understand what a woman wants or needs in a sex toy. I have no argument against that.  I am sure many great sex toys are designed by men but not these, in my wife’s opinion.

This wand is no longer used by us. This toy also was used during one session of intimacy.

I later won a Lelo Tuxedo. I know, never buy this brand again, but I won it so does that count?

Well, this is the worst idea I have ever seen. It is a cheap bit of cloth with a expensive price tag.

Most men refer to the top of the penis as the head. Lelo have decided that the tuxedo should be designed with the head of the penis coming out at the legs.  It just looks wrong.  I have tried it on, I’m not impressed with it and have never worn it  for my wife to see on. It just seems like a bad idea. So I guess never buy this brand again also refers to free samples.

This tuxedo, although not a toy has never been used during our intimate time.

So out of all the money we have spent on Lelo products, we just don’t use them, hence the title: Lelo – Not our favourite toys.


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