I’m a devoted loving husband and I love spoiling my wife with all of the pleasures a body can experience through a loving relationship in a non-selfish way. My wife is very open to new ideas and I take full advantage of that in bringing new ways to being intimate together. We both enjoy incorporating bedroom toys into our intimacy.

I buy most of the bedroom toys for us, some are bought from online retailers and others we tend to buy together from our local adult stores.

I find online stores are cheaper, but you do have to wait for them to arrive. However, going into an actual shop is so much fun and exciting as you both get to look and choose what toys you would like to try and some you look at and just wonder how that would even fit.  You also have a sales assistant who is always willing to give great advice.  The best benefit of buying from a shop is the chance of using your purchase that same day is extremely high. Sometimes, maybe as soon as you’re out of the shop and back into your car you might start to use it. I know we did when we bought a remote control egg. You can’t do that after buying one online.

I have started this review page about the bedroom toys my wife and I use in our active sex life together.  With the aim to encourage others to try new things and not feel threatened or intimidated by adding toys to the intimacy.  Bedroom toys, when used together, should help enhance the experience and bring you both closer together.

With reviewing the better toys we have bought, I hope to save others buying toys that don’t do the job properly and end up being a waste of money.  After all, the range and options are huge and you will have a high chance of buying a bedroom toy that just doesn’t suit you.

So I invite you to take a peak into my bedroom toy drawer and see the toys we use during our intimacy and maybe you might like to add some of these into yours….


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