Oh what fun it is to jiggle….


Jiggle balls, jiggle balls, jiggle all the way. Oh what fun it is to jiggle……

These are a great toy to use. The balls are joined together with some string. They look like they have dimples with the recessed sections all over them.

They can be used for pelvic muscle exercises or during intimacy. My wife has only used them during intimacy.

When I first bought these and showed my wife, she was very sceptical that they would be enjoyable. But willing to give them a try she let me insert them into her. I am a lucky man who is given the controls to most of our bedroom toys and I love it. Now I had lubed them up and went slow, however my wife felt some discomfort in this process.

Once in, and I started to orally pleasure my wife, she began to move about as her orgasm was building. That’s when the balls started to do their trick, I could hear them jiggling about and my wife was loving the sensations from this movement on her gspot and I was loving the sound they made. She had a very intense orgasm from this and so these were a winner for my toy drawer.

I have also tried using my finger to really move the jiggle balls about and this also was a favourite in the pleasure stakes with my wife.

On removing these, again she feels some discomfort, but not enough to not want to use these as my wife has on many sessions requested we use the jiggle balls.

Now, they don’t come across as a high quality toy. A cheap plastic storage case, but it does the job. The balls feel like a cheap product and are also made of plastic. The string has lasted over the time and multiple uses. I thought this would be the first to go and I would have to go on a jiggle ball hunt, but not yet.  Cleaning isn’t the easiest as the dimples hold on to some bodily fluids.

However, the feeling on my wife’s gspot is as she says AMAZINGLY GOOD.

These balls are used many times during each year by us.

Score out of 10 = 8.6

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add a pair to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 8 = Jiggle motion not battery operated.

LOUDNESS: 9 = just audible from the outside when you are in close proximity.

COMFORT: 9 = feels great, a little discomfort in the insertion and removal.

QUALITY: 6 = seem cheap but have lasted.

HER ORGASM: 9 = Strong.

MY ORGASM: N/A = I miss out. But have plenty of fun with it.

LUBE: We use a quality water based lube!

VALUE: We paid $10.95 AUD = Great value.

(we bought these from an online adult store).

You can buy yours from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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