Indian God Lotion


Indian God Lotion – desensitizing spray

I recently wanted to try a desensitizing spray to see if it could help me last longer when I am feeling really horny. I’m talking about the times when just the mention of something erotic, or my wife bending over in her tight clothes giving me the best view and I have an immediate erection. Those times. I decided to buy Indian God Lotion.

Now it is said that it can help with premature ejaculation and extend your performance etc…
The small container is said to hold about 16 sprays, mine lasted 10.
It recommends to spray onto the head of the penis 60 mins before sex.

So, on one of my “I am really horny nights” I applied it, within 30 mins I could feel a tingling feeling on the head of my penis. It is not a discomfortable feeling but it at least gave me an indication that it was working. After the 60 mins was up and my wife and I headed to the bedroom it was time to see how long I could last. Normally when I am this horny, we have to pick positions that my wife comes in easily. That way I don’t come well before she is ready to orgasm.

Well I lasted a long time, my wife had 2 orgasms to my one and she was feeling saw from the hours of my constant thrusting.

No just kidding…I did last longer, however I found it hard to come. The feelings I need to orgasm weren’t there. I had no problems maintaining my erection for the duration. When I did come, it just didn’t feel enjoyable, it was more like a chore that I knew I had to come as I was so horny and I certainly came well after my wife had hers. Also my wife could feel some numbness inside her and didn’t enjoy the session at all.  Now it is not suppose to rub off and numb your partner and I am not going to call her a liar.

We have tried this product several times, which is why I know how many sprays it lasted. Unfortunately I sprayed my fingers a few times due to not looking which way the nozzle was facing at the time of application. And no it didn’t numb my fingers.  But it reduced the times we could try it.

I started after applying it, to try and rinse off my penis head after I felt the tingling sensation and see if this helped in not numbing my wife’s vagina. Nothing seemed to work.  Now it may not numb your partner, but it certainly numbed mine and it took away from her enjoyment each time. The fact she could tell I was using it when a couple of times I didn’t let her, is proof that she could feel the difference.

So what do I recommend with this product, I feel it can be helpful in lasting longer, as I did every time. But certainly consider if it is preventing you from coming during your intimacy time, if it is then worth using. We will not be trying it again, as it was too effective for my wife and I.

We paid $30 for a bottle and I consider this reasonable.

It is listed as having these
Active Ingredients:
Radic Asari………………….0.2% Isopropyl Alcohol…………..70% Water……………………….29.5% Perfume……………………..0.3%

You can check these out yourself, if you are concerned about spraying this onto your penis.


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