Pipedream Cyber Snatch Deluxe


Pipedream Extreme Cyber Snatch Deluxe

Masterbator sleeves are fantastic. They can be used for solo play and couple play. My wife bought me this as a surprise. She thought men missed out in the toy range compared to women so she decided to try something different just for me.

The first time we used this she had me tied down to the bed, blindfolded me and teased me till I was ready for action. Then she lubed me up and asked me if I was ready for something new. Not knowing what was planned I was trying to anticipate where this session was heading. I felt the sleeve slowly pushing over me until I was all the way in and realised fairly quickly due to the lack of warmth that this was a toy on me. Once inside it I felt my wife began doing slow long strokes. The feeling is really nice and it is a firm fit. This adds to the pleasure I was feeling. You can adjust the firmness by how tight you hold the outside.

It wasn’t long until she decided I was allowed to see what was happening and so the blindfold was removed but my arms and legs remained bound to the bed. The cyber snatch is soft pink in colour and partially see through. With each downward stroke I could see I was close to popping out of the other end.

The strokes began to go faster and I could tell I was getting closer. As my breathing quickened I was told that tonight it was all about me and she wanted me to come inside the sleeve. After a short while, I certainly did do just that.

Cleaning the toy is easy. Just rinse it out under warm water.

The feeling is much different from a hand and the fact you can see through the sleeve is a turn on.

The best thing about these toys are that they can be used in your alone time or with a partner. It could also be used as part of foreplay.

Score out of 10 = 8

Recommendation: Great addition to any bedroom.

VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate

LOUDNESS: 2 = when moving the sleeve it is as quiet as using your hand.

COMFORT: 10 = very comfortable quality material used.

QUALITY: 10 = high quality phthalate free

HER ORGASM: N/A = this is a toy for the men. However she can help enjoy you using it.

MY ORGASM: 8 = It is a different feeling to a hand and very enjoyable.


VALUE: We paid $39.95 AUD = reasonable.

(we bought this from an adult store).

You can buy a similar one from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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