Sportsheet Bedroom Door Jam kit

We have always talked about installing a sex swing from the ceiling in the bedroom. It is something we have wanted but never actually went ahead with as we didn’t know how to explain a massive hook in the ceiling. As our bedroom isn’t huge the space to use it is also limited.

When I decided to try a door sex swing, I thought it would be similar to what I thought a ceiling swing would be like. The feeling of weightlessness, the many positions possible and the easy access to my wife and the hope that this would become a regular toy in our toy box. I now believe that I was wrong.

I set it up on the door and tried to get in it myself before my wife got home, just to see how easy it is. Well that was a difficult experience. You need a lot of core and leg strength to get in it. No problem, I will just make sure I help my wife in to it, since I now know the drama she will also experience.

Well even with help this is a difficult task. It takes away from the joy of the act you are about to have. Certainly a mood killer. Once my wife was finally in it, I decided to go down on her and let my tongue do some magical things to her. Well this was an impossible task. She needs to lean back and legs up and out to allow me access. But with a door hard against her back it results in her nearly coming of the seat of the swing. It didn’t take long for her to tell me that there is no enjoyment to be had in this position.
Next we thought we would try to have sex. Again the issue of the hard door on her back made it nearly impossible. The sliding off the seat and the thrusting into the door was a major mood killer. After this we gave up on the door swing and settled for a good romp on the comfort of our bed.
So the product is made of strong materials and will certainly hold our weight.  But the limitations of a solid door behind the person in it and the strength required to get in it and stay it make it hard to use.  The soft padded seat is ok but it constantly feels like you are slipping off the seat when trying to get into a position to allow your partner to enter.  The door jam rods work well and certainly hold the swing in place.

Score out of 10 = 3
Recommendation: we do not recommend this for anyone based on our experience. It is difficult to get into and difficult to sit in. It also was impossible to enjoy having sex in it.
VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate
LOUDNESS: 5 = when thrusting against the door, your door hinges may squeak and noise can be heard from your bodies pushing against the door.
COMFORT: 1 = it is not comfortable to sit in, even with a padded seat.
QUALITY: 8 = it is made of strong material and will last a long time.
HER ORGASM: 0 = the uncomfortable positions this puts on to her body made it impossible to enjoy to even get close to an orgasm.
MY ORGASM: 0 = as it is difficult to enter my wife and actually have sex we both failed to have an orgasm using the swing.
VALUE: We paid $89.95 AUD = slightly expensive.
(we bought this from an adult online store).
You can buy one from:

This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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