Fatboy slim extender


Fatboy slim standard penis extender

I recently surprised my OH with an extender. I let her feel it in her fingers first. She was shocked at how soft it felt. She was a little bit concerned about it being uncomfortable.
To put it on is easy. Just peel it back a bit and insert your slightly lubed erection. Then peel it back over your penis and slide the ball loop behind your testicles. Then make sure to apply plenty of lube to the outside of the sleeve to ensure it slides smoothly for your partner.
When we started to use it, her first reaction was wow it feels so great. Parts of her that don’t usually get touched during intercourse were now constantly being pleasured due to the extra circumference the sleeve gives. It wasn’t long until she was asking me to go hard as she was loving this sleeve.
For me it felt odd to start with as i felt it was trying to push me out of her. After a few slow strokes this feeling passed and I was enjoying the new feelings of the sleeve and the constant pressure around my shaft. As I felt myself getting close to the O, I just slowed down my pace and the sleeve helps with taking away some of the sensations.
We tried a few different positions whilst using the sleeve, some of them my OH had to direct my erection into the right place as I was hopelessly missing the entrance.
When we both came it was very enjoyable for us both. My OH came first and I came just after her.
The sleeve fits 6″ or less erections and will add about a 1/2″ to your circumference. They are Phthalate free, do not contain latex. The real-feel SilaSkin material gives amazing sensations, and can be warmed before use. Ensure to use a water-based lubrication. Cleaning the Fat Boy is easy with antibacterial sex toy cleaner, water and soap. Then dry it out.

Score out of 10 = 10

Recommendation: we highly recommend this for anyone based on our experience. It is easy to use, feels great. Add it to your must have wish list.

VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate

LOUDNESS: 0 = just the sounds of lovemaking to be heard here.

COMFORT: 10 = it is comfortable and feels great for both partners.

QUALITY: 10 = it is made of body safe material and will last a long time.

HER ORGASM: 10 = the positions and the stronger thrusts were a winner.

MY ORGASM: 10 = the ability to slow down but maintain her pleasure was a winner. To also be able to thrust hard and not get to close to coming is fantastic. The pleasure I felt was great.

LUBE: Apply to your erection and to the outside of the sleeve.

VALUE: We paid $29.95 AUD on a sale = very reasonable.

(we bought this from an online store).

You can buy one from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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