Lovehoney Wand


Lovehoney desire wand- rechargeable

The best parts we like about this wand are:

“Power” the vibrations are strong and felt deep within. My OH considers herself to be a Power Queen, and she just loved this.

“Rechargeable” there is nothing better than never having to buy batteries all the time. We have toys that don’t get much use as they need batteries.

“Quality” this is a high quality toy, it is on the expensive side but certainly one to put on your consideration list.

The head measures 8″ circumference, which is larger than most attachments that are sold for wands (most wands are 7.5″). I’m not sure if this extra 1/2″ means the attachments available for wands won’t fit it. If you just want a wand for external clitoral vibrations, than having no attachments won’t be an issue. However if you want more out of your wand by using additional adapters to get a fuller experience, than this will be something to consider.

Noise, we all want to enjoy ourselves without others in the house hearing what is going on. This toy is advertised as being quieter than most other wands, however we don’t own other wands to compare the noise level. We can say, that on the low vibration setting, it is no louder than some of our bullet vibes, although we did find it to be slightly audible from the other side of our door when it is on maximum vibration. However some soft music or the sound of a television would be enough to hide the sound of this toy. A small downside of having a powerful toy.

The toy is fairly long, at 13.5″ it just fits in my toy drawer on an angle. It also fills the drawer not leaving much room for the other toys we own. I may end up finding a new place to store it. Just concerned that the harder it is to reach during a moment of passion then the less likely it is to be used.

The weight of the wand is noticeable. This is one of my OH’s biggest concerns. My OH found it hard to hold it in place and not get a sore arm during its use.

Overall we loved the wand, the weight will be the biggest issue determining how many times we use it. The powerful vibrations is the main draw card in it’s favour.

Score out of 10 = 8

Recommendation: we recommend this for anyone based on our experience. It is easy to use, slightly heavy. Consider adding it to your wish list.

VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate

LOUDNESS: 5 = slightly audible on high power setting.

COMFORT: 7 = it is heavy to hold for a long time.

QUALITY: 10 = it is made of body safe material and will last a long time.

HER ORGASM: 8 = my OH had a strong orgasm.

MY ORGASM: 7 = I could feel the vibrations from it but it is not something I would use on myself.

LUBE: Apply water base lube to the top of the head.

VALUE: We paid $220 AUD = expensive (average price of a wand) but a high quality toy.

(we bought this from an online store).

You can buy one from:

This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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