We-Vibe Tango 2


We-Vibe Tango 2

This toy had been on our wish list for a while. So long in fact that they had brought out an updated version which is the one we bought.
Our current favourite bullet is battery powered. Wanting to upgrade it before the toy wears out, I saw a sale on these and decided lets go for it.
After charging it and then waiting for the OH to get home for us to use it, I played through the settings. My OH prefers straight vibrations instead of varying speeds. And this toy has it all, easy to cycle through the settings. I could feel the power in this toy and thought WOW this has some kick to it.
When the time came to try it out I passed it to my OH. She turned it on and set it to the slowest speed to start with. Then when she positioned it to excite her clit, she couldn’t believe how powerful it was. Unfortunately, this was a problem. She said to me that she considered herself to be a power queen but this is just too much power at her fingers and it feels so hard on her cute little bud (my description) that it hurts. Bugger….
I tried to insulate the back part of it with some rubber from an old penis ring to see if it that helped with holding it, but it still didn’t help with the hardness she felt on her clit. She just said it is too much power for this power queen. She has met her match.
From here we went back to her favourite bullet and the search continues for a rechargeable bullet to replace this one….

It is a high quality toy made of body safe plastic. Ensure to use a water-based lubrication with this toy.

Score out of 10 = 5

Recommendation: we recommend this for anyone who doesn’t mind hard strong vibrations based on our experience. It is easy to use and charge. Add it to your consideration wish list.

VIBRATIONS: 10 = super strong

LOUDNESS: 2 = so soft you wouldn’t know it’s on behind closed doors.

COMFORT: 4 = it is hard to hold with the strong vibrations.

QUALITY: 10 = it is made of body safe material and will last a long time.

HER ORGASM: 0 = it was too powerful to use.

MY ORGASM: 0 = it was too powerful to use.

LUBE: water based lube

VALUE: We paid $69.95 AUD on a sale = very reasonable.

(we bought this from an online store).

You can buy one from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


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