Oh what fun it is to jiggle….


Jiggle balls, jiggle balls, jiggle all the way. Oh what fun it is to jiggle……

These are a great toy to use. The balls are joined together with some string. They look like they have dimples with the recessed sections all over them.

They can be used for pelvic muscle exercises or during intimacy. My wife has only used them during intimacy.

When I first bought these and showed my wife, she was very sceptical that they would be enjoyable. But willing to give them a try she let me insert them into her. I am a lucky man who is given the controls to most of our bedroom toys and I love it. Now I had lubed them up and went slow, however my wife felt some discomfort in this process.

Once in, and I started to orally pleasure my wife, she began to move about as her orgasm was building. That’s when the balls started to do their trick, I could hear them jiggling about and my wife was loving the sensations from this movement on her gspot and I was loving the sound they made. She had a very intense orgasm from this and so these were a winner for my toy drawer.

I have also tried using my finger to really move the jiggle balls about and this also was a favourite in the pleasure stakes with my wife.

On removing these, again she feels some discomfort, but not enough to not want to use these as my wife has on many sessions requested we use the jiggle balls.

Now, they don’t come across as a high quality toy. A cheap plastic storage case, but it does the job. The balls feel like a cheap product and are also made of plastic. The string has lasted over the time and multiple uses. I thought this would be the first to go and I would have to go on a jiggle ball hunt, but not yet.  Cleaning isn’t the easiest as the dimples hold on to some bodily fluids.

However, the feeling on my wife’s gspot is as she says AMAZINGLY GOOD.

These balls are used many times during each year by us.

Score out of 10 = 8.6

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add a pair to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 8 = Jiggle motion not battery operated.

LOUDNESS: 9 = just audible from the outside when you are in close proximity.

COMFORT: 9 = feels great, a little discomfort in the insertion and removal.

QUALITY: 6 = seem cheap but have lasted.

HER ORGASM: 9 = Strong.

MY ORGASM: N/A = I miss out. But have plenty of fun with it.

LUBE: We use a quality water based lube!

VALUE: We paid $10.95 AUD = Great value.

(we bought these from an online adult store).

You can buy yours from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


My Bedroom Toy Wish List


  • Tracey Cox: Usb Supersex Bullet Vibe
  •  JeJoue: G-Kii 2
  • Swan: The Love Swan
  • Njoy: Pure Wand stainless steel dildo
  • We-Vibe Touch
  • Velv’or  jnaja or jnada
  • Looking for a realistic suction cup dildo
  • more to be added soon….



I’m a devoted loving husband and I love spoiling my wife with all of the pleasures a body can experience through a loving relationship in a non-selfish way. My wife is very open to new ideas and I take full advantage of that in bringing new ways to being intimate together. We both enjoy incorporating bedroom toys into our intimacy.

I buy most of the bedroom toys for us, some are bought from online retailers and others we tend to buy together from our local adult stores.

I find online stores are cheaper, but you do have to wait for them to arrive. However, going into an actual shop is so much fun and exciting as you both get to look and choose what toys you would like to try and some you look at and just wonder how that would even fit.  You also have a sales assistant who is always willing to give great advice.  The best benefit of buying from a shop is the chance of using your purchase that same day is extremely high. Sometimes, maybe as soon as you’re out of the shop and back into your car you might start to use it. I know we did when we bought a remote control egg. You can’t do that after buying one online.

I have started this review page about the bedroom toys my wife and I use in our active sex life together.  With the aim to encourage others to try new things and not feel threatened or intimidated by adding toys to the intimacy.  Bedroom toys, when used together, should help enhance the experience and bring you both closer together.

With reviewing the better toys we have bought, I hope to save others buying toys that don’t do the job properly and end up being a waste of money.  After all, the range and options are huge and you will have a high chance of buying a bedroom toy that just doesn’t suit you.

So I invite you to take a peak into my bedroom toy drawer and see the toys we use during our intimacy and maybe you might like to add some of these into yours….



Well who would have thought a glass toy could be so much fun. Let’s just start with the finish on these are fantastic. The size is not intimidating in length and girth. The #28 is a soft pink icicle.
So the first time we got this my wife let me use this on her, it was great fun. She gave me a stern warning as she laid back and spread her legs apart, about how it is a solid object with no flex so I had to take it easy or be banished for life from entering her. Fair call I thought whilst comparing the size of the toy to myself and imaging how it would feel entering the snug entrance before me.

So after applying plenty of lube to the top knob on the glass toy, I took it nice and easy, slowly moving it in and out like… Well you get the picture. The feelings my wife was having she said is great, she was loving it, moaning loudly.   The bulb end was rubbing firmly on her gspot and the raised sides of the icicle that twist around and down were giving her a lot of different sensations.  Then I started to twist the glass toy on the outward stroke. This motion and the rubbing on her gspot brought her to a strong orgasm in no time.

A few sessions later with this toy, I decided to try temperature play. Being glass it can be warmed up and cooled down. (Just be careful to not make it burning hot or freezing cold as you don’t want to burn the sensitive skin in this region, or be banished for life from entering.

Well, I had blindfolded and gently bound my wife to the bed during a long session of pleasure I had planned for her.  I had the glass toy cooling in a container of ice water. After massaging and teasing her with my mouth and the use of some of our toy collection, I had her all moist and warm inside and begging for me to enter her and bring her to orgasm.  This is when I decided it was time for the ultimate surprise.

I had checked it was not too cold and lubed it up and slowly teased her clitoris with the cool tip so that she knew what the next feeling was to be.  After the initial shock of how cold it was and squirming about as I gently glided it into place, the coolness of the glass in her warm place had heightened the sensations she was feeling and the slight twisting motion I had mastered had ensured in no time she was squirming about whilst having a strong orgasm. My wife’s words at the end was WOW.  She absolutely loved it.  If you haven’t tried temperature play then your missing out on something great.

This bedroom toy is used a few times a year by us. We would replace this Bedroom Toy if it broke. (Let’s just hope not whilst in use).


The Icicles #28 has a slight curve, and the ridges provide a lot of sensations. The bulbous head offers an effective massager for the gspot.

This luxurious glass massager will leave you breathless. It is a hand-blown Icicle glass wand.

The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous, phthalate free and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. Run the wand under warm water to heat things up, or chill it under cold water for a cool sensation. It is ideal for couple play.

Length: 7 in. (17.8 cm)
Insertable Length: 6.5 in. (16.5 cm)

Width: 1.25 in. (3 cm)

Score out of 10 = 9.5

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate
LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet
COMFORT: 9 = feels great, careful as it has no flex.
QUALITY: 10 = Hand blown glass
HER ORGASM: 9 = Strong.
MY ORGASM: N/A = I miss out. But have plenty of fun with it.
LUBE: We use a quality water based lube!

VALUE: We paid $48.95 AUD = Reasonable
(we bought this from an online adult store).

You can buy one from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.


Lots & Lots of Fun


What we have owned over the years:

Endless Pleasure Rabbit Vibe
Rabbit in a Rabbit Vibe

Tracey Cox Supersex bullet
Rocks-off Ro-80mm bullet
Fifty shades Of grey We Aim to Please bullet
Tickler pocket toyfriend lipstick vibe
BMS Factory Power bullet 3 speed
BMS Factory Power bullet 3 speed extended

Womanizer W100
Lady finger vibe
Lelo alia
Life by leaf
Bionic bullet

Lelo lyla
Lelo Lyla 2
Shots remote control egg small

Lelo smart wand large

WonderLand Wabbit White
Lifestyles Vibrating Rings (lots)
Fifty shades of grey yours and mine ring
Tracey Cox Supersex USB Recharable ring
Lux LX4 ring
Mio Ring by Je Joue

Icicles #28
Tantus silicon dildo

Basic jiggle balls
Fifty shades of grey pleasure balls

Fetish extreme hollow strap-on

Clone a Willy kit

We-vibe 2
We-vibe 4

Lelo tux

Pipedream masturbation sleeve
Tenga eggs

Lelo – Not our favourite toys




The first Lelo toy I bought for my wife was Alia. It is a fairly bulky looking toy and feels like it is a quality toy which is used on the clitoris.

The first time we used it together, my wife complained that the vibrations were not strong enough, so I turned it up to full power. Still not enough for her, the vibrations felt muffled, however on this setting it also made it harder for her to hold as it was making my wife’s fingers sore from the vibrations.

My wife described this toy as “obviously designed by a man believing he knows what a woman wants, but he is so wrong.”

I tried to tell her that this is from a company selling high end toys, and she asked “what sex the founder is?” Male, end of discussion.

We no longer use the Alia, as this was the only time we used it.

Not wanting to give up on this brand, I later bought a Lelo Lyla. Sense motion just came out and I thought WOW, gotta have one of these. A remote egg toy which vibrates by the motion of my hand.

It’s okay but the controller is large and not discrete, so it’s not a toy you could sneak out and use In a restaurant, which is what I wanted to do. Also the controller vibrates so you know what your partner is feeling from the egg. But these vibrations are slightly audible. Now you can turn the vibrations off for the controller but you will no longer know what she is feeling.

My wife doesn’t mind the egg but for the money, there are better ones out on the market with better controllers.

We later won a Lyla 2 in a competition. Not much better or different from the first.

We no longer use the first Lyla.
We tend to use the Lyla 2, once a year at the most, usually if I am teasing my wife in a marathon session by not letting her have me until I have given her a few orgasms with the use of most of the bedroom toys we have.

I also bought my wife a large Lelo Wand, believing we needed a wand in our toy drawer. Maybe we do, but this one stopped that from happening.

The vibrations are weak, not pinpoint and basically my wife could not feel them. I tried it on my penis and balls and would have to agree on this. She then decided after this that all wands must be the same. So wands at this stage will not make it in to my toy drawer for a long time.

This experience with Lelo led my wife to decide we will never buy from this company again. She still feels they are missing the mark as it is designed by a man without a vagina. So he will never understand what a woman wants or needs in a sex toy. I have no argument against that.  I am sure many great sex toys are designed by men but not these, in my wife’s opinion.

This wand is no longer used by us. This toy also was used during one session of intimacy.

I later won a Lelo Tuxedo. I know, never buy this brand again, but I won it so does that count?

Well, this is the worst idea I have ever seen. It is a cheap bit of cloth with a expensive price tag.

Most men refer to the top of the penis as the head. Lelo have decided that the tuxedo should be designed with the head of the penis coming out at the legs.  It just looks wrong.  I have tried it on, I’m not impressed with it and have never worn it  for my wife to see on. It just seems like a bad idea. So I guess never buy this brand again also refers to free samples.

This tuxedo, although not a toy has never been used during our intimate time.

So out of all the money we have spent on Lelo products, we just don’t use them, hence the title: Lelo – Not our favourite toys.

Rosebud Butt Plug


Julian Snelling Rosebud Light Aluminium Beginner’s Swarovski Crystal Butt Plug


I have always wanted to try and incorporate anal play into our intimacy.  I don’t see it as a gay thing but just another way of exploring each other’s pleasure.  With so many sensations to be had, I feel that most who never explore this region of their body are missing out.

I felt I had to stay small in size with my first purchase in anal toys so to not put my wife off.  Remember this is new ground for us both.  I had read other people’s reviews on trying anal toys and felt confident in this as my first purchase.

I bought this as a surprise for my wife. She is not into anal sex but is open to new ideas. I called it a princess plug, another name for them, which sounds nicer then a butt plug. This rosebud is a very small toy. Certainly not intimidating in size for a virgin bum to experience for the first time.

However, even small in size it does cause some discomfort in inserting it, so take it slow and steady when putting it in place. I also purchased a quality anal lube with it and had applied plenty onto it.

Once in place, it sits nicely with no discomfort. It looks great in, with a crystal on the base of the plug.  A great photo opportunity to be had.

Sex with the plug in place feels great, my wife likes that it pushes me to rub against her g-spot more, so it was a winner for us both.  Considering the initial discomfort she was glad we tried it.

This bedroom toy is used a few times a year by us, mainly if I suggest it. We would replace this Bedroom Toy if it broke.


It is a Small aluminium butt plug with an Swarovski crystal in the base. It also comes with a small storage bag.

A Smooth finish, tapered bulb makes insertion easy. It has a Narrow neck and 1 inch flared base which makes prolonged wear comfortable.

This high quality bedroom toy is made of Lightweight polished aluminium, temperature-responsive and compatible with all lubes.

It is ideal for beginners.

Score out of 10 = 8.20

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: N/A = Doesn’t vibrate

LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet

COMFORT: 7 = some discomfort when inserting.

QUALITY: 10 = Aluminium

HER ORGASM: 7 = Enjoyable.

MY ORGASM: 7 = Enjoyable

LUBE: We use a quality anal lube!

VALUE: We paid $69.95 AUD = Reasonable

(we bought this from an online adult store).

You can buy one from:


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.

Tracey Cox Bullet


Supersex Bullet Vibe


We have owned heaps of bullet vibes, they just don’t seem to last long.  Another thing about them is not all bullet vibes have a high speed setting or they have too many options to use.

The bullet is for my wife and she knows what her clitoris likes.  When she finds one she enjoys, then that’s what I replace it with when it breaks down.

We started off with a Rocks-off Ro-80mm bullet. It did the job well but the only complaint was turning it on or off.  When your fingers are all sticky and slimy from lube, the only way to hold it to turn it on/off is to put the pointy end into your hand and push the button on the other end.  The issue here is the pointy end digs into your hand.  After a few purchases of these I decided to try other brands.

BMS Factory power bullets were also good, but we tend to replace them quicker than the Ro-80mm.  The fifty shades of grey We Aim to Please bullet was nice but stopped working after 4 uses.


The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is our most used bedroom toy.  I feel everyone should have one of these.  It is rare that it isn’t used in a session, even if we are using other toys.  When we go away on weekends this little toy always comes with us.

Most of the time my wife uses this on her clitoris in most of our positions.  Sometimes I use it on my wife during foreplay when I am teasing her.

As mentioned earlier, we have tried several different company’s bullets and believe this one has lasted the longest, has strong vibrations for a one speed bullet and is easy to hold and use.  I plan to buy the usb rechargeable version of this soon as I hate buying batteries.

We will definitely replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


The Vibrator takes 1 AAA battery, I prefer rechargeable toys, but keep a supply of these in my toy drawer.

There’s 1 speed setting for continuous vibration and it is strong in vibration.  This is the type of power my wife likes on high speed and no pattern.

It is not a loud busy sound from the vibrator, which is great. Nothing worse than a loud annoying sound putting you of the motion.

This bedroom toy is made of plastic and is not flexible.

Score out of 10 = 8.85

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet

COMFORT: 10 = Easy to hold

QUALITY: 7 = Plastic

HER ORGASM: 8 = Enjoyable

MY ORGASM: 8 = Enjoyable

LUBE: We prefer to use water base

VALUE: We paid $22.95 AUD = Great value

(we bought this from an online Adult shop).


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.

Doc Johnson C-Ring

WonderLand White Wabbit C-Ring


We have owned and used a lot of vibrating penis rings over the years.  One thing we have noticed is that not all do the job right.  We have come across some where the vibrations are too weak to even know if it is on or they just don’t reach the clitoris.  We started off with lifestyles disposable vibrating rings that would last 20mins.  They are cheap and did the job well.  Small in size, but touched her clitoris just nicely. Needless to say we went through a lot of these.

I then decided to go all out and buy rechargeable vibrating rings to save money with not having to replace them.  The first one I bought was the Lux LX4.  Not a cheap purchase and we only used it once. The problem my wife had was it never touched her clitoris.  So for her it defeated the idea of wearing something that vibrated if she couldn’t also enjoy it.  This doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, but for my wife’s hidden little bud, it just missed touching it.

Not wanting to be put off from that, I went on and decided to buy the Mio by Je Joue, slightly cheaper than the Lux.  This one certainly touched her clitoris, however, every time our bodies would be rubbing against it, we would hear a large rumbling sound.  Atleast we gave this one a few sessions before my wife told me that the noise is so off putting that she will never be able to concentrate to orgasm if we keep using it.  Don’t get me wrong it is a Top Quality ring but not right for us.  I have read other reviews where this isn’t an issue, so maybe we were just unlucky with the one we bought.

We have since tried several other rings, one I liked a lot is the Tracey Cox Supersex USB Vibrating Love Ring.  It kept me very firm and I liked that my balls were kept in place by it.  However the vibrating part wasn’t right for my wife.  It was only just reaching her and not pressing hard against her clitoris which is what she likes.


Now this one, the WonderLand White Wabbit, ticks all the boxes for us.  My wife picked this one up from our local adult shop.  This is my wife’s favourite ring for me to wear. She likes to be on top and gets the wabbit ears just in the right place on her clitoris. In this position she says she can feel the vibrations deep within coming from my shaft and directly on her clitoris.  With just some small amounts of movement she has a very strong orgasm in no time at all.

It is a bit loose if worm just over the penis (approx. 38mm inside diameter), so I like to wear it behind my balls. This also makes me harder and feel slightly longer than normal than with no ring on. It is a little difficult to put it on behind the balls. The ring is easily stretched, but my balls tend to push inside me, making it a bit more of a challenge. I find it helps to be erect before putting it on.

In my wife’s favourite position when using this bedroom toy, (her on top grinding away on my full length) I don’t always orgasm with her as I sometimes need slightly more movement. It just means on these occasions she gets the chance of coming twice as we move to a different position for me.

We have worn it in doggy position, where I have spun the wabbit ears to behind my balls. This stops the wabbit ears from poking into her other hole and gives me a great feeling with the vibrations on my balls.

This bedroom toy is used atleast monthly by us and is certainly a favourite to us. We would replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


The Vibrator takes 3 small cell batteries (LR44), not my favourite type of battery to use. I prefer rechargeable toys.

There are 3 speed settings for continuous vibration and a range of 7 patterns of different vibrations, however my wife likes it on high speed and no pattern.

It is not a loud busy sound from the vibrator, which is great. Nothing worse than a loud annoying sound putting you of the motion.

This high quality bedroom toy is made of silicon and is fairly flexible.

Score out of 10 = 9.00

Recommendation: Must have bedroom toy, add it to your toy drawer.

VIBRATIONS: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 10 = Quiet

COMFORT: 7 = Firm fit

QUALITY: 10 = Silicon, Phthalate free

HER ORGASM: 10 = Best she has.

MY ORGASM: 7 = Enjoyable

LUBE: Only use water base!

VALUE: We paid $59 AUD = Resonable

(we bought this from our local Adult shop.  Helping support local businesses).

This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this postive review.

You can buy yours from here:





When I first heard about a Toy that could bring nearly all women who tried it to have an orgasm in under 60 seconds, I new I had to spoil my wife with one.  Now don’t get me wrong, she has regular orgasms but I like to try new things all the time and this sounded like an experience I didn’t want her to miss out on.

Like most of the new bedroom toys we buy, my wife let me have the first go with it on her.  Yes a brave woman!  And I wasn’t about to miss out on helping her orgasm in under 60 Seconds. (This is from zero foreplay to orgasm).

Let me tell you that my wife orgasms with this toy in under 30 seconds each time it has been used. That is the fastest time she has ever orgasmed with the aid of toys.  From my view, it is the type of orgasm, where her legs curl up and her body convulses while she has wave after wave of pleasure releasing from her body.  If I was to guess, it was multiple orgasms one after the other after the other and you get the picture. However she says it doesn’t feel like a normal orgasm as she is missing the internal feelings, she likes the feeling of having something inside her to grip on too. Yes she came but it wasn’t what she expected or really wanted.  In fact she felt like she needed another with out the toy.  Lucky I was ready to help her with this.

As a man, I feel like we got the short end of the stick when comparing orgasms. I watch in amazement when she has these long orgasms that seem to  travel throughout the entire body and yes, I am so jealous.

We have tried to use this together in different sexual positions, but it is hard to hold it inplace with all the motion. She has orgasmed with me inside her while using this toy, but still way to quick for us to enjoy it.

I consider it is best used for solo play as it is too hard to use during couple sex.  This toy draws the blood into the clitoris and is held just gently over the clitoris.  If pushed to hard onto her it feels like it will suck her skin off. Since I can’t tell if I am holding it to tight on to her, it is pointless for me to hold it.

If my wife didn’t orgasm during our intimacy, I know this toy would certainly give her an orgasm, if she felt she missed out and needed one.  Also it might be best used with an insertable toy so the feeling of gripping onto something when she orgasms is satisfying.  This toy may not suit my wife, but it may suit other women.

This bedroom toy has been used just 6 times by us in 18 months. It is not a favourite toy for my wife. We would not replace this Bedroom Toy if/when it stops working.


This Toy uses suction instead of Vibration and is used on/over the Clitoris. It is rechargeable using a usb port, which is my favourite type.

There are 5 speed settings for continuous suction, My wife has tried all the speed settings and likes the 3rd suction level.

It is slightly audible from the moment it is turned on and gets less audible when placed over the clitoris. Not loud enough to put her off an orgasm.

This high quality bedroom toy is made with a silicon tip and comes in a great storage case with a spare silicon tip.

Score out of 10 = 6.50

Recommendation: Expensive bedroom toy, Seriously think about how much you will use it before spending your money.

SUCTION: 10 = Strong

LOUDNESS: 6 = It is audible when in use

COMFORT: 7 = holding it on the skin can get painful with the suction

QUALITY: 10 = Silicon tip, Phthalate free

HER ORGASM: 6 = Yes she comes but it doesn’t feel like a normal orgasm

MY ORGASM: 0 = I miss out each time

LUBE: Only use water base!

VALUE: We paid $179 AUD = Expensive

(we bought this from an online shop using a large discount voucher).


This review is based on my opinion. In no way am I affilated with the company that makes it, nor was I paid in any way for this review.